Lotus Seed Life

Vikki Faudel has developed the Lotus Seed Life over the course of the last 20+ years.

Working with a neurologist and chiropractor, it started as an experiment in the 1980′s to see if she could break unuseful patterns or destructive habits. She learned that emotions, thoughts, words, and actions lead to habits. If she could change the emotion around a thing the rest would change too.

Effectively working with emotions leads to easy and natural change.

The Lotus Seed Life® helps people who are looking for positive change. Chances are if you are reading this you want to improve your life and are not sure how. Lotus Seed Life is right for you if you are depressed, fight with your partner or kids, don’t have quality sleep, have money issues, find no fulfillment in your job, need help figuring things out with your spouse, have weight or eating issues, or just to try something new.

Lotus Seed Life will help you become the best you there is!

A typical session is scheduled over the phone, however some clients prefer to meet Teresa face-to-face for the first few sessions. You will spend the first bit of each call talking. The second part of each call is dedicated to doing a session to remove your blocks and empower your personal change.